SeaTac Guitar Show Fall 2013

I went to the SeaTac Guitar show this weekend. I’ve been meaning to go for the past few years, but things just kept getting in the way. I saw a couple of really cool things that I probably wouldn’t see outside the guitar show (unless I went to all the shops within 1000 miles…which isn’t a bad idea…but I can’t do that anytime soon) like a:

  • Hagstrom Viking (just like Elvis!)
  • 1967 Epiphone Casino with mini-humbuckers
  • Gibson Lucille ES-335
  • 68 Gibson SG with side pull vibrato
  • lots of Fender Champs and Super Champs
  • etc.

I also saw some really cheap stuff that looked like something I would build from miscellaneous spare parts. Nothing wrong with that (hey, I love doing it), but it doesn’t seem like something that makes a guitar show special.

Don’t get me wrong. There was great stuff. My first stop was at Mr. Black effects, but it was a designated quiet time (no playing) so I couldn’t test their pedals. They made a point of not having any fuzz pedals. Ha! I really liked the guitars from Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar table. Joe Riggio had sold most of his guitars to Japan, but his reliced sunburst tele with a humbucker shoved in the neck position looked fantastic. Boltronix had some cool amps and stuff too.  I spent a while talking to the guys at Ampersand Sound Solutions. Their amps were absolutely gorgeous. They have a truly unique approach to amp and speaker cabinets that I haven’t seen before. I liked them a lot! Tom Curneed had some beautiful hand made guitars that really stood out. I also spoke with John Macdonald of Johnny Mac Guitars for a while. I really liked the stuff he was doing. If I were 20 years younger, I think I’d want to be him. Or at least doing the builds he is doing. Very cool.

Overall it was a good show. I was able to really wander and explore. I got a few things. But I wasn’t there to buy a bunch of stuff. It was just fun!


6 thoughts on “SeaTac Guitar Show Fall 2013

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