Next Guitar?

Luther Dickenson’s (of the North Allstars) explanation of how he plays electric guitar pretty much nails what I currently think is my playing style goal. I don’t actually play like this right now, but I think this is how I want to play. This is what I want to learn and develop. Check out his comments that start at 0:55 but really hit their mark at 1:24.

This was his interview for zzounds about his signature Gibson ES-335.

His new signature guitar is a semi hollow body.

Fender has announced the re-release of their semi hollow body Starcaster.

I’ve been eyeing a used Epiphone Sheraton VSB semi hollow body (which I found out yesterday has been sold…sad that it wasn’t to me) or some other hollow body guitar.

Everything seems to be coming together for my next guitar purchase. Everything but the financial side of it.


4 thoughts on “Next Guitar?

    • I sure hope it is a good guitar. I have already talked to my local guitar shop and they have assured me they will get one in stock that I can check out. And of course I will be sharing that experience here.

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