Camp Fire Wannabe

I went camping with family and friends this past weekend. It has become an annual event with this group and we have a lot of fun! This year we decided to stay multiple nights, which is new, but our kids are all getting older so we figured it was worth a shot.

I also decided it was worth a shot to take my guitar and play some of the camp fire songs I’ve been working on for my daughter’s girl scout event in a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed having my cheap Ibanez acoustic there. I strummed and played and noodled through all the stuff I normally do. It was relaxing and a great way to occupy some of the down time after setting up camp and before hikes and other activities.

Then came the evening campfire with s’mores, jokes, stories, chatting, and now singing. I started with Fireworks a la Katy Perry. I could only remember the words to the first two lines and the chorus. Thankfully a couple of the 6, 7, and 8 year old girls knew all the words and took over singing duties. With singing out of the way I got a lot more into playing the four chords over and over, changing dynamics, picking patterns, etc. for the different parts of the song. And the girls just kept singing it over and over until I finally stopped us.

There was clapping and congratulations.

Then I did head, shoulders, knees, and toes with the kids taking turns leading the actions. That was good, but I had to sing to keep them on track…and it was tough!

The next couple songs I got out my lyrics sheets with chords to play off of. I was not able to play any songs without assistance.

That means a couple of things to me. First, I need to practice more. Second, I need to practice a lot more. Third, playing the guitar is hard, but singing while playing is even harder. For those of you out there who sing and play, my sincerest compliments!


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