Flat Picking

I love my local library. The kids and I went there the other day and I found a few instructional DVD’s that I checked out just because I can! Reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

Bart: Lisa, we can’t afford all these books!
Lisa: Bart, we’re just gonna borrow them.
Bart: Oh… heh, heh… gotcha! [wink]
— in the library, “Dead Putting Society”

I couldn’t find a clip on the internet of the quote, but hopefully someone else can find it. Anyway, I sat down and watched Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Presents: The Guitar Player’s Guide to Improving Technique Tone, Accuracy, Speed & Fluidity.

I really enjoyed this video for the pure guitar geekery of it all. I am not a flat picker. I have a $20 garage sale special of an acoustic steel string guitar. I don’t see myself becoming a flat picker any time soon. But I enjoyed this video.

They weren’t really providing in depth instruction. They weren’t showing how to do anything more than holding a pick, where to hold your strumming arm, where to place your fretting hand, etc. It was mostly just two experienced players talking about all the stuff they think about when trying to play their best and learn to play better. I ate it up!

Obviously I still need instruction. I need to learn actual techniques and skills. I need to practice and make music. But knowing what to think about as I learn technique and skill is what gives it all purpose and direction.


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