One Week

It has been one week. One week since I decided that I would set a goal to touch a guitar every day. Even if it is just for a minute, I have set a goal to pick up a guitar an play something on it.

And it seems to be working. I have played the guitar in some way each day for the last seven days. That isn’t a huge track record, but the idea is starting to impact my decisions. I was going to type up an entry earlier today, but instead decided to pick up a guitar since I hadn’t yet done it for the day. I ended up coming up with two little song ideas that I quickly recorded and saved to work on another day.

And I’ve already found some of my weaknesses in my guitar knowledge and gotten frustrated enough that I’ve sat down to learn something.

I don’t know if this will last, but it seems to be a good potential blend of habit forming. It seems low pressure enough to avoid guilt and feelings of failure, but simple enough that I want to act and achieve my goal. I’ll let you know how it progresses.


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