Days when you keep your gratitude greater than your expectations. Those are mighty fine days.

– Ray Wylie Hubbard

Tonight I’ve been listening to/watching live performances on KEXP’s youtube channel while I surf the web and feel old. I am not hip. I am not part of a scene. I do not have my whole life ahead of me. I am living my life now. I have a past to look back on and a future that isn’t looking as vast as it used to. So instead of feeling sorry for myself or feeling like I’ve missed something, I am seeking those might fine days.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude

    • I don’t think there are enough self help books out there to avoid that feeling everyday. I hope that is where gratitude comes in to play. I think we can feel gratitude for our past and gratitude for the future. These are just different sides of the same gratitude coin.

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