My friend’s son purchased an used Epiphone SG Special with his own money a year or so ago. Pretty impressive for a young kid. I did the original set up and cleaned it all up for him (it was used). And he has been happily playing it.

The other day his Dad plugged it in and noticed that the neck pick up sounded muffled. So he brought it over tonight. I did a quick check up on the neck and string height. It was a little high, so I lowered the action. Then I adjusted the pick up height.

It was simple process and I really enjoyed doing it. The pick ups don’t sound great and are a bit too hot for my tastes. But I was able to dial them in so they are about equal in volume. And I lowered the bass side a bit more for the neck pick up so it wouldn’t get so muddy. It didn’t change the tone entirely, but it made it better.

It is always nice to help out a friend.


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