Holy Cut Out

After dinner the kids were quietly playing before bedtime (don’t worry, when bedtime came they started whining and complaining) so I plugged in (my pedalboard and amp were waiting for me!) and started playing quietly. It was so fun and relaxing.

Then my sound cut out entirely. I checked my tuner, which was working fine and registering a signal from my guitar. Then I stomped my looper on and I got sound from my amp. I now knew the beginning and end parts of my effects chain worked. So I went pedal by pedal checking all the patch cables. Everything was fine. Then I checked all the power cables from my power supply. Everything was working.  But still no sound.

I turned up the volume on my amp and could barely hear my guitar, but I could hear something. So I changed guitars. When I plugged the new guitar in, I had full sound. I again tested the looper pedal and the tuner pedal. They worked fine. So I went back to the original guitar I had been using. Everything worked fine.


So I played some more and then hit my ElectroHarmonix Holy Grail Reverb pedal off and on. My sound cut out again. I found the culprit. I hit the footswitch again and again. If I didn’t hit hard, the sound would cut out. If I hit the footswitch hard, then the volume was fine. I will have to pull it out of my pedal chain and open it up, but because I’m lazy, I’ll probably just hit the footswitch harder until I really break something.

On second thought, maybe I’ll just try to fix it.


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