Peavey T-15

I picked up an old Peavey T-15 body at my local guitar shop. This was their 3/4 scale guitar. I don’t have a 3/4 size neck, but I think I can play with it using some other necks I’ve picked up along the way. It should be fun. There aren’t any electronics or hardware, so it will be a complete Frankenstein creation when all is said and done.

Pictures coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Peavey T-15

  1. Never knew they weren’t full scale until I read this and did some research – 23 1/2 inch scale, odd…

    You may need to move the bridge to fit with another scale neck… Interesting project

    • I am actually looking forward to moving the bridge. I am going to strip the paint off and fill in holes and stuff. I just have to decide what scale neck, pick ups, and bridge I want to put on it.

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