New Space

New Amp Set Up.jpg

Ok, perhaps it isn’t a truly dedicated practice space because it is my home office too, but this is where I play the guitar the most now that our remodel is done. It is where I practice, noodle, explore, and relax with my guitars.

The pedalboard location is a little awkward if I roll my chair back (see the plastic rolling chair floor cover) or want to get in the bottom of the filing cabinet, but how often do I really do either of those things? More often than I thought, which is why my homemade Digitech Jamman Solo 3 button footswitch is on top of my power supply/ABY selector pedal.

Anyway, I won’t get all nerdy about my effects line, but it is nice to have everything in one spot and not just play acoustically. And I can easily switch out my 62 SG Jr with any of my other guitars so they all get some playing time! Or swap out the 1×12 cab for my 2×12 cab.

And just a quick reminder. Don’t leave your guitar plugged in. Someone will trip on the cable and pull it down. Just don’t even let it happen. If you stop playing, unplug the cable and secure the guitar.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, you need to show me yours. What does your practice space look like?


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