Lust, Desire, Envy, G.A.S.

Humbucker Music posted this on their facebook page:

Mesa Boogie Mark V Custom 1x12 Combo - Bubinga Hardwood   Humbucker Music

Wow! That is incredible. Sorry it doesn’t enlarge, but you can go here to see it in all its $3100 glory.

I don’t remember the first time I saw an amp advertised with the dark wood stain and wicker grill, but I do remember the first time I saw one in real life and thought the ad didn’t do the amp justice.
Yes, I am talking about an amp.
When I decided to build my own 1×12 speaker cabinet I knew I would go for this look. I didn’t use dove tail joints. And I haven’t even stained my speaker cabinet yet, but it was a Meds Boogie that sent me down this path.
What amps do you find pretty? Handsome?


8 thoughts on “Lust, Desire, Envy, G.A.S.

  1. The Mesa is a very pretty amp but strikes me as the sort of thing a Harley riding accountant buys to go with his PRS. Nothing comes close to a beaten up Tweed Champ IMO.

    • Hahahaha! That imagery is perfect! I would agree with you but for the fact that I played with my coworkers Mark IV and really loved it. The Mark V seems even better.
      But I have been playing through my Frenzel Champ Super Sportster for years now and just plain love it too!

      • Oh I definitely agree. One of my friends has a Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker. Astounding amp, but I can’t get that image out of my head. I fully accept that this is a problem with me and not Mesa’s products.

  2. The first amp that really did something for me was when I was 15 – it was the older Peavey Butcher plugged through 2 old 4X10 marshall cabinets that were green. It just sounded so raw and rock and roll. I tried it out at these two older Rock and Rollers that were like Gods to me and my brother. They were longhaired twins. They’d loan us equipment for our rock band that we had. They’d cuss and swear and tell us all about their touring in the ’70s. This was all in northern Saskatchewan so it just blew our minds. Yep, the Peavey Butcher.

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