Chi Wah

I haven’t completed reorganizing my office/playing space, but it will be coming soon.

In the mean time, has anyone played, used, tested, etc. a small footprint wah pedal? I currently use an old Morley that is huge! I love having the on/off switch separate from the pedal (a la Cry Baby) because I can set the pedal and turn it on or off like a filter effect or tone effect rather than a wah pedal. But it is huge. And I’m not entirely satisfied with the “sweep” of the pedal. It seems like the sweet spot for using the “wah wah” effect when I play is too small. If I make big movements up and down with my foot it just sounds bad…of course that could just be my playing.

Anyway, I saw a post that mentioned the Plutoneium Chi-Wah-Wah. The small size intrigues me. And I wonder if it has a better “sweep.” And I think I could get used to not having an outside on/off switch.

It is out of my normal price range. Is anyone familiar with similar pedals?

Any thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Chi Wah

  1. Is space really the issue? Personally I’m a HUGE fan of the Ibanez Weeping Demon WD7. I think it is the most flexible wah on the market and is the only one that, with the flip of a lever, can do the Crybaby style and the Morley spring-loaded thing. Very reasonably priced and well-built but they’re not small.

    • It is a combination of size and sweep/sound and the fact that I don’t use it a lot. Sometimes I think I should get a new one based on the sweep/sound and other times I think size. If I use it sparingly, then size is my motivation. If I find one I like the sweep/sound, then maybe I would use it more and size takes a back seat. But then I wonder how much I really use it and go back to wanting a small foot print.
      I will check out the Ibanez. Just looking for ideas and this sounds like a great start!

    • I finally had some time at my computer to look up the Ibanez Weeping Demon WD7 Wah and I am impressed. It appears to have all the features I like, just not the small footprint. Now I just have to find one to actually try out! Thanks for sharing!

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