LPB1 Sucka

It arrived!

LPB1 Nano EH

My new ElectroHarmonix LPB1-1 Nano arrived. It was on back order, so it took a while, but it is here!

I only plugged it in for a little while (kids were going to sleep), but the first thing I noticed was the high end of my guitar disappearing a bit with it on. It isn’t bad and it isn’t unexpected. Then I turned up the gain on my amp and I loved the sound I was getting! For example, I turned up the gain on the fender style preamp on my Frenzel amp to about 3 o’clock and then turned the pedal to 12 o’clock. It gave me that great fuzz sound I have always wanted, but haven’t gotten, from my American and Russian Big Muff Pi fuzz pedals. It pushed the amp just right.

There is too much going on right now to really dig in, but I am excited about exploring the pedal. I want to see how it interacts with my other pedals and my amp. I want to see what sounds I get with it. I want to see what it inspires me to play and learn. And I want to see if I end up modding it per others’ suggestions on the web. Can I still get the sounds I like while not losing some of the top end of my signal? We shall see.


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