Wolverine Rewire

As I mentioned in a past post, I am wiring up a parts-caster. But I am taking the electronic parts from my Wolverine guitar because I have not upgraded any of the electronics.

work begins on Wolverine

This is what I did as I put in all the new parts into my Wolverine guitar.

I replaced the original 500k pots that came with the Peavey guitar with 250K pots. I replaced the 5 way pick up selector switch with a licensed 5-way Fender brand selector switch. I used the original pick ups because I haven’t gotten tired of them and want to see if I can hear any differences from the original electronics before changing out the pick ups too. I also upgraded the jack. I wired the second tone pot to the bridge pick up and the first tone pot to the neck and middle pick ups. I used a .022 capacitor like the modern Fender strats instead of the .473 capacitor that came with it originally. I usually play with the tone knob backed off a degree or two and I hope this new value capacitor will give me range to play in while still keeping the actual high end role off to a minimum. Finally, I shielded the entire pick up cavity. More pictures to follow!


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