What can I say? I fell for their marketing ploy. A big friendly online instrument retailer sent me an email offering cash money off a purchase. So I gave in and made a purchase.

At first I tried to find stuff that I could get for less than the cash money amount so I wouldn’t pay anything. I was surprised at how many nick nacks, parts, accessories, etc. were over that cash money amount. I thought about getting something that would go on one of my current guitar projects, but I have everything I need. I looked at upgrading parts, but most of the parts I would upgrade are much more expensive.

I have been wanting a boost or a compressor for a while, so I looked at pedals. Wow! Not much in my price range. Then I saw the Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Nano. The price wasn’t bad and I have heard some good things from trusted sources. First and foremost, Guitar for Worship has one on his board and has for a long time (well, a long time for him…since 2011). That is saying a lot. Second, the price was right. Third, I found lots of online discussions about how easy they are to mod. SOLD!

It should be here next week. I’ll let you know how it is!


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