One Becomes Two

It has begun. I have finally taken the time to dismantle my Wolverine guitar so I can update the electronics. Well, sort of. I haven’t got new pick ups for my Wolverine guitar, but I am replacing the pots, selector switch, and jack. Plus I’m going to shield the pick up and control cavity.

Why am I doing this now? I’ve had the upgraded replacement parts for years. They’ve just been sitting in my tool kit. The reality is we are doing a major home improvement overhaul of our downstairs and I need to finish a bunch of projects and pack them away so I can focus on the home improvement stuff. I’m finally going to finish the nut and electronics for my dedicated slide guitar. But I’m not going to use the higher end parts that I’ve been saving for Wolverine on this slide guitar. As all projects tend to do, this one has bloomed from one guitar project into two.

I’ll keep you posted as they develop into more projects!


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