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I’ve been doing this gtr1ab blog for over 3 years now. Admittedly, I’ve slowed down the frequency of my posts in the last few months (it’s been a week! A WEEK!), but the blog is still going. I can’t say the same for many of the guitar blogs I follow. Or should I say followed?

I also need to admit I use an RSS reader to follow most other blogs. In my opinion it is a great way to consume a lot of media very quickly. I presume most of the people out there who read this blog (all 10 of you?) do the same. I’m ok with that (even though I’d like to get a better idea of who the 10 people are who read this blog through visits and comments. Big thanks to those of you who do comment!).

However, this blog is really for me. If others want to enjoy it, so much the better! But I wonder if the popularity of blogging is waning due to the rise of twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc. These are all faster (although not more efficient in most cases) ways to consume and share media. This has been a theme for a couple of blogs I’ve read recently. Or people are spending less time on their blogs and actually playing their guitars! For example, Guitar for Worship has been getting more into the creation of music after spending years blogging about gear.

Now, it is also understood that the bulk of blogs out there get started and then peter out in the first few weeks or months. Think of all those journals we started as kids and how many of us actually kept writing entries. How many times did we write “It has been a while since my last entry…”?

So I’m asking, what guitar blogs do you follow? There are the greats, such as Guitarz. And Premier Guitar Magazine has an incredible web presence. But are there new guitar blogs out there that aren’t popping up on my quick google search? Am I missing out because I don’t actively use my twitter account and don’t even have a pinterest or guitar facebook account?  Instead of writing blog entries, should I be focused on the more real time online conversations through message boards? Should I just play the guitar more? All of the above? What do you do?


5 thoughts on “Blogs to Follow

  1. To Solely focus on blogging or twitter or Facebook or other micro format social media is like committing to only use your left hand in your day-to-day life. They all serve a specific purpose. I think your blog allows you credibility as you engage in conversations. Micro blog formats represent a place to expose yourself to and engage with other perspectives, and blogging is a place to explore concepts, ideas that may not be appropriate for the other mediums.

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