Eye Catching

I was going through my email tonight and this caught my eye.

blue gold black strat

It was in an email from Blue Microphones about how to mic an electric guitar with one of their products. The article wasn’t very good, but this picture really caught my attention. You probably can’t see it very well, but the blue with the gold pearloid pickguard and black hardware. That blue just gets me. And the gold looks surprisingly simple with the black hardware. I just like it.

Maybe I’ll repaint my red burst strat project and get black hardware and a new gold pearloid pickguard…maybe not. That sounds like a completely new project, which I am not starting. But it still looks cool!


3 thoughts on “Eye Catching

  1. Go on start šŸ˜‰ You know you want to!

    Now you’ll walk into a shop or browse ebay and there will be some black tuners, or just the jack socket plate, or a pickup, or a gold pearloid scratchplate and you’ll buy it as “it was such a bargain” and then “Well I’ve got the jack socket now – I’ll have to get the rest!!”… LOL

    I know all the signs my friend. I have more than a little experience with addiction too – and it is ok well this one is far less dangerous than others I’ve experienced.

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