Budget Guitars

One of my local guitar shops has two surprisingly good budget guitars.


The first is the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom (with 3 tone sunburst). I’ve been eyeing it for a long time. That neck is just a pleasure to play. The body is nice and small. Even without the comfort contours of the strat, it just feels great. It has a whole lot going for it.


The second is the new Epiphone “SG” Pro G-400. Of all the Epiphone SG knock offs I’ve tried (including the “1965 Maestro” that I own), the new SG Pro feels more like the 61 Reissue Gibson SG (that has been on my wish list forever) than any other. The neck is much thinner. The horns are carved with more extreme angles like the Gibson. It has the push/pull volume knobs for getting single coils from the humbuckers. But the key is the feel. It just feels great. If you threw on the “maestro” vibrato tailpiece that I have on my “1965,” I’d be in the market for selling off some guitars and getting it.

But instead, I am not getting anything. I mean, where will it stop? I’d also like a good Gibson ES-335 knock off. And don’t forget my continual lust for a Parker Fly. It just doesn’t stop. So I am not getting these fantastic budget guitars. And I’m not getting any high end expensive guitars. I am playing the guitars I have. I am finishing the projects I’ve got. And I’m getting better.

But if you’re in the Great Northwest and need a great budget guitar, please feel free to pick these up and let me know what you think (and maybe borrow them every once in a while!).


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