I know it is a month old, but while watching this on the dvr I keep wanting to play the guitar. At least, that’s what I felt while Bruce Springsteen was playing. When Roger Waters got up there, I felt the urge even stronger.

Adam Sandler was cool because when his guitar didn’t work, he just performed without it. I liked that. He was able to just roll with what was going on. But it didn’t distract me from wanting to play the guitar. Bon Jovi has some great songs, but I should’ve gotten off my couch.

Then Eric Clapton got on stage and I wanted to watch. I wanted to watch his hands. I wanted to hear him play. I wanted to absorb what he was doing and playing.

After that I just made my way through the rest of the performances. They were fun to watch, but it took me a couple days to get through them all.

And, as always, Pinball Wizard got me to actually play the guitar.


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