Exploring the POG2

After some quality time with my POG2 I’m starting to narrow down the settings I like. So far the top picks from the 3 pages of suggested settings are:

  1. Cello
  2. Cathedral Organ
  3. Bass Guitar
  4. B3 Organ
  5. String Bass

The cello setting seems to work the best for what I like to play. It works like the swells I’ve tried to create with a volume pedal and delay, but it makes it much easier and sounds better an octave lower. The “string bass” does the same thing, but it doesn’t sound as good through my guitar amp. The “cello” still gives me the low end I’m looking for, but without the fuzz that the double active string bass and dub bass settings create.

I like the B3 Organ, but the Cathedral Organ has better low end. Again, I’m still liking the low end from this pedal as long as it is balanced and not overwhelmed by the fuzzy double octave.

The bass settings don’t sound as good as a real bass, but they work. I think this is another reason I like the cello so much. It is its own sound.

I’m sure I’ll have more ideas and thoughts on this pedal. But for now, this is as far as I’ve gotten. I’m really enjoying it, but need to play with it some more!


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