bass pedal board finished

At my local guitar shop I found a used (and obviously tinkered with) ModTone chromatic tuner. Add that to my bass pedal board I started a while back (with the addition of my old DOD FX75-B flanger taken off my guitar pedalboard and set to more of a chorus sound) and I have what I wanted! Project completed! Goal achieved!

finished bass pedalboard

As you can see, I also threw on my DOD 275 to have a balanced line out directly into my mixing board. I was shocked at how good my bass sounds through the direct box to my mixing board. I’ve always plugged my bass straight into my mixing board when I want to record or play quietly (when kids are sleeping), but it always sounds weak and I have to really turn up all gain levels at all parts of the chain, which gets very noisy.

So with the tuner, the Danelectro Surf & Turf Compressor, my modified black Russian Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, DOD FX75-B Flanger, and the DOD 275 Direct box, I have what I need for bass. And the power supply is a homemade daisy chain that I can plug a Boss wall wart into in order to power everything.

I’m not completely done yet. I may add some handles on the sides. But I don’t know what else I would add to it, nor do I want to put anymore money in it. Even buying everything used and repairing/modding, I am maxed our on my budget for this project.  It is great for my needs (which aren’t that big). The other nice thing about this “mini-pedalboard” is that I can use it with my acoustic/electric guitar too.


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