DIY Compressor

Someday, I will try to build this.

Ever since finding it, I have followed the Guitar FX Layout blog. I haven’t done any of their projects, but just seeing what they do is inspiring to any DIY-er. What a fantastic hobby! Building and recreating guitar effects pedals. It is a skill I just don’t have, but I want to. I tried building a Ruby amp, but something didn’t work on it and I had other projects, so it got  put on the back burner. I keep going back to this blog and know that I will try more projects thanks to the work they do and all the great ideas they post.

But I do want a compressor on my pedal board. And this seems like a pretty straight forward build. If you want to know why I think adding a compressor to my pedalboard is a good idea, check out this excellent summary from a guest post on Effects Bay.

So one of these days (when my current projects are complete), I’ll try this.

Go here for the diagram. Here’s the original post.


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