Acoustic Stomp Box Power

After I put my Behringer pedal inside the acoustic stompbox, I still needed to drill a hole for the power supply plug.

acoustic stompbox powered

When I attached the pedal inside with velcro, the box wouldn’t close. So i took the footswitch off. Then I couldn’t turn it off and on, so I used some scrap velcro to attach a leftover Ikea pencil inside.

acoustic stompbox effect inside

Now I can plug it in, turn it on with the pencil, close it, use it, unplug it, put the power supply inside, and go.


4 thoughts on “Acoustic Stomp Box Power

  1. I love how that looks like a tiny coffin. Spray it black and put R.I.P. on it. When someone asks what it is, just say, “Killer Distortion”. 😉

    *You don’t have to tell the truth since it’s hidden inside a box. 🙂

  2. Cool! What’s it sound like? I’m trying to do something similar. It seems like you are able to get a differnet tone from one side vs the other (i.e., from your speaker pickup vs your piezo pickup). That’s what I’m after: “bass” on the right foot, “click” on the left.

    • Actually, I never got both the piezo pick up and speaker pick up to work at the same time. I’m sure if I knew more about electricity and what I was actually doing, I could figure out why. I have switched back and forth a few times, but I will admit I like the sensitivity of the piezo (I can use my barefoot or slippers). However, the key to getting that bass sound from the piezo pickup is the behringer equalizer pedal I put inside. I can really shape whether I want a bass drum sound or a sharp snare drum sound. Not very good in a live setting, but great fun for playing at home with my loop pedal!
      Thanks for the comment. Let me know if you build your own and if you like the speaker or piezo pick up better.

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