Pedalboard rehash

I spent part of my afternoon last weekend redoing my pedal board so I could fit my “new to me” POG2 and BBE Green Screamer on it. I had to remove my Digitech Flanger and my modified OhHoNo looper/feedback pedal. And I still don’t have any fuzz on my board currently… maybe I need a new board so everything will fit.

Without diving down that rabbit hole, here’s what my current pedal board looks like.

pedalboard 12-2012

I’ve got the Boss TU-2 tuner, BBE Green Screamer, Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive with homemade footswitch for channel switching, Morley wah, Electro Harmonix POG2, Electro Harmonix Pulsar Tremolo, Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal, ModTone Vintage Analog Delay, Boss DD-7 Digital Delay with homemade tap tempo switch, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb, Digitech Jamman Solo with homemade 3 button footswitch controller, Morley ABY channel switcher into both inputs of my Frenzel Champ Super Sportster amp head and all powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 plus.

pedalboard2 12-2012

That leaves my Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (American), Marshall Guv’nor plus, Digitech Flanger, OhNoHo modified Chk Chk Boom looper/feedback off the board, as well as the Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Russian) and Danelectro DJ-9 Surf & Turf compressor on the bass pedal board I made. Just need a tuner and a chorus for the bass pedal board.

Well, I really don’t “need” anything. But I am having fun playing with my gear!


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