Gear Junkie

Karl over at Guitar for Worship had a great post about finding that individual and very personal balance between gear for gear’s sake and gear for making better music. It is something I’ve been looking at myself lately. I may not be buying a $1500 effect pedal, but am I so focused on modifying, repairing, and fixing stuff that my purchases are a distraction?

The other day I was introduced by my good friend to a guy who just moved here. This is the good friend who let me install a piezo pickup and end pin jack, as well as new tuners, in his Fender acoustic.This new guy is excited about a potentially inexpensive way to “electrify” his Takamine acoustic so we talked about it in more detail. He apologized that he didn’t know that much about gear. I laughed and replied him that I didn’t know that much about playing. We chatted a bit longer and he complemented me on how cool it was to meet someone who loves fixing up gear. I thanked him, but assured him that it is all just to make more music. Or at least for someone to make better music. But I do love fixing stuff.

I’ve been playing more than I’ve been blogging, so that is good, but I still feel drawn to new projects before the old ones are even done. I guess I’ve been feeling more in the “not ok” camp than in the “ok” camp. I’m sure it will change over time!


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