I saw the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in Seattle last night! Great show and a whole lot of fun. I will admit my favorite part was the medley of “hits” they played without stopping during their encore.

I will admit to nerding out a bit on their gear. They are still using the same guitars from the last time I saw them. Judah Bauer has his two tele’s plugged into an interesting pedalboard (more flanger in his playing then I remember) and a Vox AC30 and Fender Twin Reverb (what a great amp combination). I couldn’t see Jon’s pedalboard or figure out what solid state amp he had everything plugged in to, but there is a Premier Guitar article with all that info. It really is amazing how much low end he gets out of his guitar with it in dropped D tuning. And his theramin sounded a lot better this time around than the last time I saw them.

And for a more recent performance (yes, we are all getting older, but we can still ROCK). Too cheesy? Oh, well. This band is not.

Thank you gentlemen for a great show and a fun night…even if I’ll be a little tired at work today.


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