POG2 Owner

It is official. I am the owner of a gently used POG2. Very exciting and a bit intimidating. I need to live up to my gear. I need to learn it and play it and use it and make music with it.

Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “POG2 Owner

  1. That’s awesome. I’ve been a long-time lurker of your blog and know how long you’ve pined for a POG2. I hope it’s everything you’ve wanted! (and I’m secretly jealous.)

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying it. It certainly takes some tweaking, but that is part of the fun. I’ll be posting more about it soon.
      The other nice thing is that I’ve been playing the guitar more and not just unplugged. It is one of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much, which is a good thing! More guitar, less internet!
      And thanks for reading! Great to get your comment.

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