I saw this in some email spam from the Music Zoo and I had to go see how much something so beautiful costs. I confirmed it is outside my price range, but here it is.


If you want to see more pictures, go to the actual posting.



Today I had to get out of the office. I don’t know what it was, but I had to leave. So when lunch time hit I was out the door and headed to the closest local guitar shop. I stopped in, fiddled with some guitars, and then saw this monstrosity.

It is very purple. And it is now mine for a very reasonably low price. Rather odd and very much an impulse purchase, but it is so much better than the cheap drum throne my wife has been using.

Gear Junkie

Karl over at Guitar for Worship had a great post about finding that individual and very personal balance between gear for gear’s sake and gear for making better music. It is something I’ve been looking at myself lately. I may not be buying a $1500 effect pedal, but am I so focused on modifying, repairing, and fixing stuff that my purchases are a distraction?

The other day I was introduced by my good friend to a guy who just moved here. This is the good friend who let me install a piezo pickup and end pin jack, as well as new tuners, in his Fender acoustic.This new guy is excited about a potentially inexpensive way to “electrify” his Takamine acoustic so we talked about it in more detail. He apologized that he didn’t know that much about gear. I laughed and replied him that I didn’t know that much about playing. We chatted a bit longer and he complemented me on how cool it was to meet someone who loves fixing up gear. I thanked him, but assured him that it is all just to make more music. Or at least for someone to make better music. But I do love fixing stuff.

I’ve been playing more than I’ve been blogging, so that is good, but I still feel drawn to new projects before the old ones are even done. I guess I’ve been feeling more in the “not ok” camp than in the “ok” camp. I’m sure it will change over time!


I saw the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in Seattle last night! Great show and a whole lot of fun. I will admit my favorite part was the medley of “hits” they played without stopping during their encore.

I will admit to nerding out a bit on their gear. They are still using the same guitars from the last time I saw them. Judah Bauer has his two tele’s plugged into an interesting pedalboard (more flanger in his playing then I remember) and a Vox AC30 and Fender Twin Reverb (what a great amp combination). I couldn’t see Jon’s pedalboard or figure out what solid state amp he had everything plugged in to, but there is a Premier Guitar article with all that info. It really is amazing how much low end he gets out of his guitar with it in dropped D tuning. And his theramin sounded a lot better this time around than the last time I saw them.

And for a more recent performance (yes, we are all getting older, but we can still ROCK). Too cheesy? Oh, well. This band is not.

Thank you gentlemen for a great show and a fun night…even if I’ll be a little tired at work today.

Leather washers

I follow Crimson Guitar’s blog. One of the ideas he shared a few months ago was using leather instead of felt between the guitar and the strap button. I got some cheap scraps from a local leather works store while visiting my in-laws and finally sat down to make the leather washers.

Crimson Guitars uses a leather punch and mallet. I just traced a felt one and cut it out with scissors. To get the hole in the center, I tapped the leather circle to a block of wood and used a short dry wall screw and a screw driver to make the hole. It worked really well!

Maybe one of these days I’ll get a picture up of it.


I finally took some time today to play my guitar at work. It has been almost a month since I played the guitar at work. Things have just been too busy. I’ve been eating lunch at my desk a lot.

But today I had the entire afternoon set aside to work on a specific project. No meetings. Hold my calls. No interruptions.

So I thought what better way to set my mind at ease and relax than to play the guitar for 20 minutes before starting in on my project.

Boy, was I wrong. It was so relaxing I was ready to take a nap. I wasted almost half an hour trying to work before I decided to take a little walk, do some stretches, and wake myself up.

I was able to get into my project and make some good progress, but I had to laugh at myself and how bad my plan backfired on me. Perhaps it had something to do with the 4 hours of sleep I got last night…nah.