The Times, They Are A Changing

Looming deadlines at work, teaching a new beginning fencing class, physical therapy for spinal injury recovery, church involvement, sleep deprivation, a good book, and limited time with my family (just to name a few) all came together over the past week. What go cut? Guitars.

Actually, blogging about guitars is a more accurate description of what got cut. How could I  in good conscience blog about guitars when stress was building and I wasn’t spending time with my family. I don’t want to whine, but it feels like my plate has been getting smaller (rather than more things piling up on my plate).

So I’m curious. Is your guitar time a selfish thing? Is it at war with the other things in your life? Or is guitar time augmenting and improving the other things in your life?

Guitar For Worship recently wrote that he was going to soon change his web presence, which would mean less to no blogging. He’s been at it for five years and his life has evolved. He makes more music. He is more involved in other aspects of guitar and life. So his blog may (and likely will) go to the wayside.

I for one will miss his gear reviews. They were so thorough, entertaining, open, and honest. I will miss his tips and commentary. But I will enjoy his new music. I will enjoy his new web presence. And I’ll be happy for whatever else he has going on in his life whether it is part of his “web presence” or not.

So just as I’m starting to get in the habit of blog entries every other day, I feel that my web presence is close to a change. At least the last week certainly has been.

But the more important question is what do I want my “guitar presence” to be. Not my web presence. My guitar presence. I want to play the guitar. I want to get better. I want to explore my gear. I want to perform. I want to play with other people. I want to make music.

What is your guitar presence and how does it compare to your web presence?


One thought on “The Times, They Are A Changing

  1. It’s a balance. Sometimes I blog when I should be playing guitar/recording, but there are never times when I’m playing guitar and thinking, “I should be blogging right now.” As my time becomes more limited, I prefer to cut back on the blogging which for me is more for my own entertainment anyway.

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