Guitar Straps

After getting my back brace off last week, I was still very nervous about moving about and strapping a guitar on. In fact, just holding myself up is exhausting right now. I’m sure I’ll build up my back muscles soon.

After a few days of functioning without my brace I finally strapped a guitar on. It went great. I decided to go with my Warmoth project strat. The chambered body makes it  much lighter than my Wolverine guitar. I played standing up and it was so nice to not have my guitar just a little too far to the right like it was when I played with my brace on.

I also used the softest and widest guitar strap in my possession. That made a big difference too.

I was tired after playing, but felt good. My hands are certainly weaker too, but that could just be normal and I’m just hypersensitive to all parts of my body now.

I hope you are all enjoying whatever opportunities you have to play.


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