Soldering On

Finally took some time this afternoon to finish the soldering on a bunch of projects. First, i had to repair a power supply cable plug that goes from my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus 2. It was a quick repair, but very necessary (nothing like having your delay turn off in the middle of playing).

Then I removed the battery plug at the end of my DIY daisy chain power supply for my recent bass pedal board and replaced it with a standard 2.1 mm barrel. Now I just need to find a cheap tuner and chorus pedal for my bass rig.

Next I repaired a guitar cable that had a developed a short. I think I got it. We’ll see if that’s all it took.

Finally, I installed my cheap Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700 pedal inside my homemade acoustic stomp box. I’ve been using this pedal to boost the volume and lower end of the acoustic stomp box when I plug it into an amp or mixing board. I’ve gotten to the point that it is always on when I use the acoustic stomp box, so I might as well have just one cable going from the acoustic stomp box. I have to carve out some wood to run the wires through it, figure out how to power the pedal inside (don’t want to spend too much on batteries), and add a latch to keep it closed (may even add a handle for transporting it more easily), but I think this will work quite well. The piezo pick up inside the top of it doesn’t need the space that is being taken up by the pedal, so I don’t think it will impact the sound. I’ll let you know when I’ve had some time to try it out!


3 thoughts on “Soldering On

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  2. Very curious how you soldered your power up. I have multiple Behringer pedals that I have hidden away. I have all of my pedals connected to a looper switchboard I have created, however some of my pedals don’t automatically power on when I turn on my power supply. Love to be able to wire the up where they are always on when I flip on the power supply. Any suggestions. You have a great site!

    • I ended up not hard wiring in a power supply. I drilled a hole in the side that lined up with the power plug on the pedal inside the stomp box so I could plug a wall wart directly into it without opening and shutting it.
      As for pedals that don’t automatically turn on when you plug them in, I don’t know enough about electronics to change or explain that! I have some that turn on automatically, but I’m always turning them off when I plug in my pedalboard. I don’t have a looper switch, so I need all my pedals off when I start.
      And thanks for checking out my site. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Hopefully you figured out something from someone with some actual knowledge!

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