Wall Flowers

I don’t know about you, but when I moved a few guitars from out of their cases to hang on my walls or sit on stands all the time, I started playing more. This was years ago and they became pieces of art on the walls with all the other art (well, we like it anyway) we have on our walls.

However, I limited the guitars that were kept on the walls to three…and to a specific location. Plus, at the time, I had very little kids, so I couldn’t leave any guitars on the floor or on a stand because the kids were fascinated (can we blame them). I also got a small parlor guitar to repair and let the kids use so they would “leave Daddy’s guitars alone.”

So for those of you who don’t have the fortune of living in the great Northwest of the United States, we have had some absolutely fantastic weather. And with weather this good always coming to an end when it rains, we make sure our kids are outside as much as possible. And while their outside, I like to get outside and play my guitar. But I don’t want to take my electrics out and the kids’ acoustic parlor guitar is right there. So I take it out on the porch and bang away.

My wife asked why I wasn’t playing the garage sale Ibanez acoustic that I spent so much time modifying and my simple response was because it was put away. So this morning I was in my closet and got it out. I’ve been playing it most of the morning when I have time between family activities. What a fun instrument! I don’t play acoustic enough.

So this long and winding story was just to get us to the following questions: What guitar equipment do you keep out (if any) and does it help you play more often? Is there gear you don’t use because it is “put away”? Would you play more if you had easier access to your gear? What are the risks of having your stuff out? What do you do?


4 thoughts on “Wall Flowers

    • I’ve thought about a rack like that. There was a used one for sale a few years back at one of my local guitar shops, but I passed. At the time it seemed like the right decision (with little kids and all). Now I wonder.
      More importantly, I think your statement about making sure everything gets played regularly is the key. I have started taking a different guitar to work each week. Things have been so busy at work I haven’t had a chance to play them, but everything is getting out of the closet and I’m remembering all the cool gear and projects I have finished!

  1. I keep my Martin acoustic, Dean Bass, and Strat hung up on the wall in my office, with my pedal board plugged into my marshall practice amp with a cable ready to plug in all the time. Before I had this setup, I played about 1/2 as much as I do now, it is wonderfull to have out.

    • That’s fantastic! Having gear out ready to go makes it that much easier. I know I’ve been playing unplugged a lot more with my guitars out and ready. Now I just need to figure out an “always ready” electric rig.

      I’m curious if you find the Martin easier to take off the wall for just messing around or if having your pedals and practice amp right there make the Strat your go to guitar. And how much bass do you play? I used to keep a bass hanging on the wall, but I wanted more guitar options and never really picked up the bass. So back in the close it went.

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