The Hives Go Right Ahead

My 4 year old regularly asks for this song. He even claps out the rhythm when he asks for it.

I do prefer the live performance, but the album version is really good too. In fact, for anyone who hasn’t heard the new Hives album, Lex Hives, please listen to it right away. Then buy it.

I’m a big Hives fan. Even have a signed drum head after a friend told them about my broken back. And I caught a drum stick at one of their concerts a few years ago.

However, my son has not only been asking for the song anytime the stereo is on, he has also been asking for the Breakfast Club to get back together to play it. So for fun, I decided to learn the song. But I couldn’t find any tabs or youtube lessons. So I attempted to learn it by ear.

You need to remember that I am not very good at playing the guitar. In fact, I’m even worse at figuring out stuff by ear. But it is the Hives. And my son doesn’t mind hearing the song over and over and over again!

The basic parts are: EDCA, which transitions with EDCE to DACE, which goes into ACDF. This repeats and then ends on the ACDF with a pause before the final EDCA


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