Black Squier Strat Project part 4?

I finally finished wiring up the kill switch for my black squier strat project. But the tuners I ordered haven’t arrived yet, so I borrowed one from the blue squier strat project that is now all finished (except set up) to see if I wired it correctly.

I didn’t.

The kill switch is wired the opposite of what it should be. So now, a simple strum could flip the switch and “kill” the sound. So I have to open it back up and re-solder the kill switch. It should just require reversing the wires on the two posts. Good thing I tested it with one string before I had to take all 6 off. I’m sure that if I knew how to read a schematic and properly use a volt/ohm meter I could’ve tested everything before I put it together. But I don’t and I didn’t.

In case you’re wondering, this guitar has a master volume that is a push pull pot for splitting the humbucker in the bridge position. The two tone knobs are for the neck and middle pick ups respectively. There’s the kill switch that came with the pick guard. And finally a standard 5 way selector switch.


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