Too Many Projects

I have too many unfinished projects laying around. I need to get some done and I need to play the guitar. So many of the projects I’ve got going are almost done I just need the discipline and time to get them completed. But I’m not playing because I keep doing things for all these little projects.

Of course I’ll be documenting it all here, but right now I just want to play. So goodnight and perhaps I’ll post soon about all the projects I’ve finished and perhaps I’ll just keep playing the guitar and post later.

I hope you all go do whatever it is that you love to do!


2 thoughts on “Too Many Projects

  1. Not a bad choice at all. The end of my projects last year was enforced by a new job and lots of travel but it has meant I’ve actually had the chance to properly play the guitars I built. I have thoroughly enjoyed the change. I just know that when I get back to projects (as I inevitably will) I’ll enjoy that all the more too.

    • That’s it exactly! This whole broken back thing has really put a damper on playing, so I put more time into projects. Now I’m on the mend and want to play more, but need to finish up these projects! Once I get back to playing I’m sure I’ll get back into the projects (and will enjoy it), but I don’t want to leave half finished projects laying around until then. That’s where the discipline now has to come in…which is never that much fun. And hopefully that discipline will stay for when I’m playing the guitar more and trying to practice, learn, and improve!
      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. I hope your new job is going well and the travel doesn’t take you away from your family any more than it has to. Best wishes and good luck!

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