Carbon Fiber Pickguard

When my wife’s cousin was a teenager he got an old Squier strat. He played it and he enjoyed it, but what he really wanted to do was customize it. He comes from a family of customizers. His Dad has a hot rod shop and nothing stays stock in that household!

So he got some scrap carbon fiber from an old race car body and made a pick guard and rear guard. He then took scrap aircraft aluminum from one of his Dad’s projects and made knobs. Finally he painted the body metallic silver. He then assembled it with hex head bolts. It was a great little guitar and he played it for a while longer.

But once the project was done, he just wasn’t as into playing it. When a family friend offered to sell it (and he needed money for a motorcycle he was rebuilding), he sold it. The family friend played in his local church and loved gear. He put a beautiful vintage (probably a reissue) Fender neck (maybe a 57 or 62 reissue?) and redid all the electronics with Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials. That little Squier went from being a cool customized guitar to a real player!

Then the family friend passed away and the guitar returned to the cousin and his family. But once again he is ready to sell it. The only problem is, it has something rattling in the back of the guitar. So they brought it to me!

Have you ever seen a bridge block that cracks and crumbles like this?  Apparently the family friend replaced everything but the bridge. With five springs on the bridge, it just couldn’t survive and began to crumble.

Thankfully I had an extra block from another project and was able to replace it! I strung it back up and everything is back in tip top shape!


2 thoughts on “Carbon Fiber Pickguard

  1. hey saw the picture of the “old les paul knock off” headstock. i just bought that same les paul at a garage sale and can’t figure out the info on brand and such. any leads on yours? makee, model, manufacturers, year?

    • Unfortunately I have not found any information on the knock off les paul. I can only guess that is a cheap 70’s Japanese knock off with it’s particle board body and bolt on neck. Sorry I can’t help you more!

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