Trigger Pulled

Last week I complained about discounts not working and deciding not to get the deeply discounted Digitech Jamman Solo. Well, for once, my patience paid off and Sam Ash offered the same discounted price through Amazon. So I pulled the trigger!

I realize there are some drawbacks to this small form looper pedal, but there a lot of pluses and I will build a cheap external control pedal and it should be almost perfect for my needs…especially given the price point. Digitech will likely produce a new product and we’ll all lust after it. Boss will likely have a new product in response. And we’ll all eventually upgrade sometime in the future. But until then, I plan to play.

You’ll certainly be hearing more from me about this whole process. I am very excited. Perhaps I’ll even upgrade my wordpress account so I can start posting my sorry attempts to create music. We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Trigger Pulled

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