Black Strat Project Delays

I haven’t strung up the blue Squier strat project, but I should. I’ve been spending my guitar time on the black Squier strat project. After wiring up the black SSH pickguard I discovered that the humbucker routing on the pickguard is too far forward. The square for the humbucker goes over the wood that separates the humbucker from the middle single coil pick up.

If this guitar body had been routed for the traditional swimming pool square instead of individual pick ups, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Of course my first reaction is to get out some chisels and a mallet start pounding out the offensive wood! Who does this guitar body think it is?!? I paid good money for this used 3 ply plastic pick guard and some stupid wood isn’t going to get in my way!

Thankfully the kids were asleep and I couldn’t go about pounding on the chisels with my mallet. Oh, and I started to use my brain. I can always use this pickguard for a project that has a swimming pool pick up route. It isn’t too far forward, maybe a quarter of an inch too far. And I finally figured out I should just get a pickguard that fits this guitar body before I start pounding and cutting wood.

So I went back to my local guitar shop and they had another used black 3-ply SSH pickguard, but this one has a kill switch on it. If you recall, I had thought about using the original 3 way mini-toggle switch (to turn on the nonexistent wireless) that had come with the original black pick guard (that started this whole process) as a kill switch. I hadn’t wanted to drill a new hole in my new black pickguard so I had taken it out of the plans.

Well now it is back in! I have to remember how to wire it all up, but it shouldn’t be too tough.

And of course I’ll let you know what happens next! With pictures!


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