Back Breaking

For the past four weeks I have been in a back brace. A plastic, metal, neoprene, and velcro contraption that restricts my movements, removes all pressure on my lower back, and keeps my pain level tolerable while I heal. I’ve been trying to ignore the drastic changes this has had on my and my family’s life when updating this blog, but today I am slipping.

Just so you know, while playing with my kids I tripped backwards and landed poorly, which resulted with an anterior fracture to my L1 vertebrae. This is a mild back break. No surgery. No nerve or spinal chord damage. I will heal and with the help of physical therapy I will be good as new by sometime next year…as if it never happened.

But it did happen. And I have had to rely more on others than I have in a long time. My kids untie my shoes for me. Coworkers pick up my pen when I drop it. My wife puts on my socks and shoes. I’m not supposed to lift anything over 20 pounds. The list goes on.

And I haven’t posted about it here. I have struggled with how to approach this change to life in general, let alone on my pseudo anonymous guitar blog. I continue to tinker with guitar projects (as you have seen). I read and think about guitars. I make lists of stuff to do and buy. I play a little bit, but the metal bars on my brace make holding a guitar awkward to say the least. Plus, if buckle rash is bad (which I think it is)…brace rash on the back of a guitar just seems pathetic.

So I encourage you to enjoy your life and whatever aspects of guitar are in it. Whether that is playing and building and modding and jamming or just listening or even seeing. Life is good. This could have been much worse. This could have been permanent and it could have been a truly drastic lifestyle change. But I will get better. Even as I struggle with how to deal with the current inconveniences and the guilt I feel for all the slack my wife and kids have to pull, I am getting a little better everyday.

I don’t know if I will address or include these changes in future blog entries. I don’t know if I will even mention it again. But today I am. Today I appreciate what I’ve got, what has been given to me by friends, family, and strangers, and what I will get back. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Back Breaking

  1. I’m glad that it wasn’t worse–that you will be getting back to life soonish. I hope the recovery continues to move along and that your wife gets a nice vacation when you are back to full-funtioning mode. 😉

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