Tool Kit

When I first started to fence competitively, I quickly learned the importance of having a tool kit for those emergency equipment failures. Nothing life threatening, but knowing how to fix stuff in between bouts and having the tools to do it made things better!

After reading Naal’s Guitar Player Emergency Kit blog entry on Alban Arthuan, I started to think about what I currently have in my emergency guitar kit. I am not as prepared as I’d like to be. I think I’ve blogged about this before, but rather than list what I think would go in my kit, what is in yours?


2 thoughts on “Tool Kit

  1. When I was gigging regularly, I had an acoustic kit and an electric kit. Both included standard backup supplies — strings, cables of various types/lengths, 9V batteries, picks, etc plus associated tools (tuner, string winder, screwdriver, wire cutters, a Leatherman). The electric kit also included a spare set of tubes (should probably also have had some fuses).

    There’s a great passage in Keith Richards’ bio where he describes the gear used on his early Stones gigs, when he had only one electric guitar with an unreliable pickup. He writes about having a soldering iron plugged in at the gig so that he could reattach the pickup leads if needed (sometimes mid-song!). I’ve thought about packing one of those little butane-powered soldering irons in my kit, but I have a hard time seeing myself doing serious electronics repair work in a dark and noisy bar.

    • Your kit description sounds pretty good. I don’t have a lot of experience gigging, so I have to go back to fencing experiences. I’ve carried just about everything BUT a soldering iron. Maybe we are wimps, but it seems at some point we’re just going to declare it broken and have to come back later.

      Of course, that also might be why so very few of us are Keith Richards!

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