Shopping Online

I don’t normally shop online. I research. I drool. I look, but I don’t normally buy. I like to try things out and give the business to my local guitar shops.  Of course, it hasn’t been that much business (other than taking broken gear off their hands and a few miscellaneous parts) lately. But now I’m looking for an inexpensive HSS strat style pickguard before I try to cut up, sorry, “modify” one I already own. Plus, if I’m going to buy one, I’d like to get black. That way I have a black pickguard with black Select pickups (designed by EMG) on a black Squier strat with a rosewood fingerboard. Perhaps I’ll even paint the face of the headstock black!

Or maybe I’ll sand it all down and paint the entire thing mat black. That would be cool. Like a stealth plane or something!

Anyway, I found some very inexpensive black/white/black 3 ply pickguards on Amazon and from Guitar Fetish. I am confirming whether the humbucker I have will fit, but should be finishing this project soon!


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