Heat is Hot

Heat shrink tubing needs heat to shrink. I know. Seems obvious doesn’t it. Today I finally sat down and repaired all the cut wires and bad connections on the loaded pick guard I picked up from my local guitar shop for cheap. I used heat shrink tubing to insulate the soldered internal wires from grounding out on the shielding. I then put heat shrink around each repair point so the shielding wouldn’t ground anything else.

Then I got out a blow dryer and applied heat to shrink the tubing. It worked great and in only a few minutes I had all the little sections of heat shrink in place (except the external tubing on the wire that goes to the  jack, I’m not sure I’ll need to use the extension wire I soldered onto it).

Next I picked up the pickguard and it started to bend. I touched it and the single black ply of plastic was very hot and malleable under the silver shileding. I literally watched it warp in front of my eyes as it cooled. See the crease in the shielding that runs by the 5 way selector switch?  That used to not be there.

Fortunately this pick guard doesn’t actually fit any of the guitar bodies I currently have, so I have to move everything anyway. But that was just scary to watch. In the future I think I’ll go for triply ply pickguards and be more careful with my blow dryer.


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