Broken Chorus Project

When I got the broken 80’s loaded pickguard, I also picked up a broken Danelectro Cool Cat CC-1 Chorus pedal. I’ve taken it apart, but unlike the loaded pickguard, I cannot follow it and have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is that when the pedal is engaged, there is a little bit of a boost in volume, but absolutely no chorus effect. If I turn the mix knob all the way to one side, then nothing comes out of it. The user manual doesn’t add much.

However, I found one forum post that describes the same thing here. I don’t know what an audio prob is, but I’m sure the internet will provide that too! Anyone know where I can track down a schematic (and a book I can use to learn how to actual read a schematic!)? I’ve joined the forum. They even have a newbie/beginner section! It looks like it is a great resource. From that, I’ve started reading all the FAQs and helpful beginner tips at geofex and AMZ FX. And of course the tutorials from Beavis Audio Research.Thanks!

And maybe it is just a bad mix pot that needs to be fixed…ya right.


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