New Projects

Well, I didn’t exactly stick with my goal of only finishing existing projects. I got a few more this past week!

While at my local guitar shop, I got a broken 80’s super strat loaded pickguard with cursive “Select” pickups designed by EMG (SSH), push/pull coil splitter volume pot, two tone pots, mystery 3 way mini-toggle, and LED.

I spent a long time looking at the wiring on this loaded pickguard. I figured out how the push/pull pot split the bridge position humbucker, which required me to see that the wires from the humbucker had been cut. I figured out which wire was the ground wire that runs to the bridge. I figured out what was broken off the 5 way pick up selector. I figured out which wires go to the jack. I was able to figure all this out simply by looking at the circuit, tracing where everything went, and using the knowledge I have gained from all the little projects I’ve been doing.

But I could not figure out what the LED and 3 way mini-toggle was supposed to go to (the wires were cut). My first thought (and what I spent most of my time researching on the internet) was that it was to switch the humbucker between active and passive. But that didn’t make sense or line up with anything I was reading about active pick up wiring. I have no experience with active pick ups. Then I thought it may be for an onboard preamp or volume boost, but I couldn’t find anything about that.

Finally, I decided to figure out what guitar this actually came from. After a bit of research (I love the internet), I found out this loaded pickguard came from a J.B. Player Professional Series. Thanks to information found on forums here and here.

Turns out, the 3 way mini-toggle and LED are for an on board wireless system!  Apparently, it may have been a Nady 501 wireless system. I don’t have one of those (and don’t expect to get one), so maybe I’ll find a preamp schematic online and put all this in one of those Squier strats I’ve got laying around! Or for the short term (well, maybe long term) it will work as a kill switch since it isn’t wired to anything. I’ll let you know!


2 thoughts on “New Projects

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  2. Ty sir jus bought a jap Hohner strat maple neck with sunburst YAY i tone tested n playabilty to a usa custom fender im cruising the net to see how bad they got me or maby i got them if u know a url plz send

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