Black Russian Big Muff True Bypass

It works! I added a power supply plug to my black Russian Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal a while back and now I have added a 3PDT footswitch to make it true bypass. I followed a couple of things online, the main one is here. I also used this. And this.

Here is a before shot.

And here is the after shot. As I figured out what all the wires were and what had to go where, I put painter’s masking tape on each wire with a label. This made it very easy to solder everything back together with the new footswitch and to double check everything if it didn’t work. And unlike last time I started soldering things, I made sure I had plenty of ventilation!

The thing that took me a while to figure out was the fact that there are two ground wires. One on either side of the Output wire. Even cutting the trace on the board between the Inupt jack and the resistor was pretty easy. I used an ohm meter to test everything.

I still have to drill out a hole in the chassis for the power supply plug, but then it is all done. It was incredibly simple. I just had to go slowly…as well as double and triple check everything!


6 thoughts on “Black Russian Big Muff True Bypass

  1. Well done! I somehow ended up with two big muffs and just haven’t bonded with them….too much hiss. I picked up a Nocturne Seltzerado that has a nice gainy fuzz that suits me better.

    • I completely agree about the hiss of the big muffs. I have an American and a Russian and both have been removed from my guitar pedal board. In fact, I did a series of posts about my tone quest at the end of last year. Here’s a link to the last Drive Quest pt 8. I haven’t found a replacement I’m happy with, but I am very happy with the Russian Big Muff for my bass. That’s why I’m doing all the mods. It will be the prime pedal on my mini-pedalboard for my bass!

      • Wow, that’s really cool. I don’t have the patience to fool with wiring things up. I barely survived swapping pickups. 🙂

        I’ve found I’m really more of a distortion guy than a fuzz guy, and while I hate to push the Nocturne pedals so much, they’re really well made and I like them a lot. The Ubangi Stomp is based off a ProCo Rat, and I like it a lot.

      • That looks pretty cool. I’ve never really played with a ProCo Rat. I guess I always had some inward bias that the ProCo Rat was an 80’s overkill sound (kind of like chorus overkill effects). I shall have to revisit that bias!
        I have a few old posts about trying to figure out the difference between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. Add that to my Drive Quest and I think I’m an overdrive type of person. I will occasionally stack those effects, but generally just go between a bluesy clean (almost jazz) neck pick up smooth single note playing and a gnarly punk rock bridge pick up power chord snarl. Not much in the middle right now.

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