Light Headed

I’ve been doing some soldering to finish up my bass mini pedalboard project. I finished the power supply daisy chain, which took a couple of tries and a lot of double checking with my ohm meter to make sure I did it right.

 So I now have a Boss wall wart power supply that plugs into a female 2.1 jack that connects to two 2.1 mm male plugs and a reverse wired battery clip. All the center posts of the plugs are wired negative and the barrels are positive.

I also started to put together a cable with two 90 degree bent 1/4 inch jacks, but the fumes started to get to me and I got light headed.

Make sure you have good ventilation and don’t breath in all the fumes when soldering. I didn’t and had to quit before finishing. Bummer!


One thought on “Light Headed

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