Looped Compliments

This past weekend a friend came to visit from out of town. We’ve been friends since 5th grade but he now lives in Florida, so we only see each other ever couple of years. It was great hanging out with him and my family enjoys his visits too!

One of the mornings during his visit we were hanging out at the house and I got out my pedal board to mess around on the guitar. I started playing with this little riff and then added chords and arpeggios, etc. All this was getting recorded and looped on the 40 second loop function of my Boss DD7 digital delay pedal.

I do this kind of layering all the time (when I actually plug in). It isn’t anything special, but I really enjoy it. I don’t get perfect syncs and the phrases aren’t spot on, but it is fun. And if I mess up, I just have to hear it over and over or delete everything. The Boss DD7 doesn’t allow for editing or undoing just one phrase. You either keep going or delete the entire thing.

I finally finished all the layers, hit the mute on my tuner, set my guitar down, and went out to the living room with the loop still playing. Apparently my buddy hadn’t heard me do that before because he was sitting in the living room just listening. He told me that was awesome as only a good friend can. We both love music and know it wasn’t “amazing” when compared to professional or better musicians, but he acknowledged that I was getting better. That I was making music. It was supportive and optimistic. It felt very good and I really appreciated it.

So, I ask, where does your encouragement come from? How do you accept that encouragement while realizing that you aren’t amazing? That there are always people out there who are better. How do you not get an ego but not dismiss your friends’ sincere compliments?

Also, anyone want to sell me a dedicated loop pedal for cheap so I can keep doing this while using my Boss DD7 for delay effects? đŸ˜‰ I mean, who doesn’t want to continue getting compliments!


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