Everyone Needs A Chorus

I don’t think it is just me, but I think just about every band out there, at some point, is going to have a chorus in one of its songs. Not just the part of a song that is the chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, but an actual chorus of singers.

The original video for the Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done” at the 2:08 point is a perfect example of chorus!

And who could forget this clip from U2’s “Rattle and Hum” movie?

So what about guitar pedals? A lot of people use chorus. Think of the 80’s. So in my recent quest for cheap effects pedals to experiment with I found a used Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus for cheap at my local guitar shop. I plugged it in and got nothing.
My first thought was that I was doing it wrong. I tried all the knobs. I tried playing different styles. And nothing. A little boost in volume, but that was about it.
“I guess it is too subtle an effect for me.”
I told the tech/sales guy and he suggested I try a Mod Tone Chorus if I was interested in cheap pedals that sound pretty good. It wasn’t used so still outside my price range, but I thought I’d plug it in just to see what I could expect.
Wow, talk about an effect. There are only two knobs, but it was certainly an effect I could hear.
I called the sales guy over and went between the two pedals. We agreed that the Danelectro was not working at all. I didn’t get anything, but I certainly have more respect for Chorus (the guitar effect, I already had a lot of respect for a gospel choir).

For those of you who do, how do you use chorus?


4 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Chorus

  1. None at all. I had a chorus pedal in the late 80’s, and that is where it stays… In the 80’s. I’m sure there is a use in home recording that I can find, but the chorus pedal itself, for me, evokes that time period and any prominent use sounds dated to my ears.

  2. I’m with davcorn. I still have a Boss CE2 tucked away at the back of a drawer somewhere but the only way that baby is coming out is if I get a job with an 80s tribute band.

  3. I have the same problem with the chorus effect and guitars. It just sounds like either really bad 80’s hair metal tone or really bad treble new wave. I don’t think lush when I think of chorus. And I’m not a big sound of 12 string acoustics (or electrics) for that matter.
    But didn’t Brian May of Queen use a lot of chorus to get his big sound? That’s a sound I like!
    And I really like chorus for bass. I think it really fills out the sound. Perhaps I’ll add it to my mini-pedal board for bass someday!

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