Bass Headstock pt 2

I finally took the hardware off the pink bass headstock so I can reshape it. Reshaping is probably too fancy a word. The goal is to round out the sharp points, paint the headstock face black, and put a military insignia pin on it.

I used a capo to keep the strings together and on the bass. Then I unwound the strings, unscrewed the back screws on the tuning machines, and then removed the tuning machines.

The rings on the front of the headstock did not come off so easily. I first tried a flat head screw driver, but I was afraid that would bend or warp the rings. Then I tried hammering them out from the back with the flat head, but that just started to mar up the back of the ring. So I finally got a socket from my socket wrench set that just barely fit in the holes from the back. Just small enough to not get stuck, but big enough to apply pressure to the entire ring. I ended up using a 7/16th inch socket. With only a few taps of a rubber mallet they came right out.

As you can see from the tracing, I’m going for “fender-esque” curves. Our original thoughts (me and the guy who actually owns the bass) were to do something like a 51 P-bass headstock, but we want to have enough room for the WWII bomber squadron insignia from his grandfather as the “logo.” So I drew in something that rounded the top and rounded out the horn a bit. I also drew in a deeper curve, but that may not give enough room for the insignia. So I’ll cut out the rounded pieces first and then decide what do do about the curve.


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